The Center for Advanced Orthopaedics

We welcome your business and realize that you have a choice in your healthcare.

Our highly skilled, board-certified orthopaedic surgeons, certified physician’s assistants and physical therapists — supported by a caring, professional office team — will focus on providing excellent and appropriate care for you!



For current patients, our new patient portal should be your primary means of non-emergency communication with us, as it ensures your privacy and includes all these features:

  • Request Prescriptions
  • Make or change an appointment
  • Enquire about surgery schedules
  • Billing question
  • Questions/comments for our physicians or physician Assistant

If you have an emergency, or are not a current patient, please call for an immediate response (numbers below).


On the Phone

Appointments : 610-630-4414
Phys Therapy : 610-630-3833
Hospital and Surgical contacts : see our Phone & Maps page